Products and solutions

VALASAHA has created a reliable network of forest owners, harvesting companies, mills, and specialized producers, who are together building a world of endless solutions in the areas of forestry, woodworking and trade.






Forest farming and seedling supply

It is crucial to encourage growth and enhancing the future value of our forests is crucial. This is why we participate in forest farming activities and supply woodland owners with high-quality seedlings of species suitable in terms of biodiversity for natural forest regeneration.

Standing timber purchase

We are active in sourcing standing timber for our worldwide network of clients, mainly wood processing companies. With sustainable selective harvesting as a priority, we always try to find the best match between owner interests, forest growth, and client needs.

Timber harvesting

Given our contractor’s base with an extensive range of harvesting and hauling machinery, we manage the whole process of timber harvesting under the control of local professionals with years of expertise.

Consulting services

With our partners active in forestry research and development, we can provide advice on many challenging topics regarding the forest and its ecosystem. Cooperation with the scientific field on a regular basis brings an innovative approach to daily processes and effective source management.


Access to private forest owners

By being active on a local level, we maintain relationships with private owners of forests and cooperate with them on a daily basis. One of our activities is connecting harvesting companies to landowners so that they can obtain harvesting rights and operate profitable and sustainable forest manufacturing beneficial for both parties.

Roundwood and log purchase

We understand the complexity of the harvesting process and offer solutions to maximize returns by marketing all assortments of a harvest. Thanks to our network of business partners, we can find the right purpose for each unique piece of wood. To provide complexity, complementary services such as fumigation and transport are procured by our sister companies in the holding.


Raw material supply

VALASAHA supplies a whole range of roundwood, sawlogs and pulp logs to sawmills, wood-based panel plants, and paper mills all over the world. Our team has extensive woodworking industry knowledge, which is key for supplying the right material for production. Thanks to our local professionals, we know the possibilities in their regions, the quality of growing trees, and their proper utilization. By continuously extending our partner base and maintaining our own harvesting, we supply many types of sustainably sourced softwoods and hardwoods as well as exotics.

Product purchase

Going further along the supply chain, we purchase products from wood processing used in custom production. Covering the whole process from manufacturer to client, including supporting services such as fumigation, wood treatment, logistics and others, we make sure we match the right market with the right client at the right time.

Custom production

Roundwood supply

We know what it takes to run a manufacturing plant that is especially demanding in regard to the roundwood quality. We select the finest logs suitable for the production of veneer, premium lumber for barrels, and high-quality lumber for flooring and furniture manufacture.

Product purchase

VALASAHA also imports high-quality semi-finished products such as veneer, plywood, and components for furniture production, flooring, construction and niche production, as well as final products for distribution in local markets.