VALASAHA is a global trading and solution-providing company in the forestry and wood sector. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, our focus is on sustainability and we have an innovative approach that ensures environmentally friendly practices while delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients worldwide.

Our roots are in Europe, but we are active on an international scale. We have four subsidiaries, which are led by local professionals who are focused on the sustainable sourcing of selected wood species and products. This ensures that our operations not only meet global standards, but also support local communities and ecosystems.

We supply a wide range of products including roundwood, sawn and structural timber, packaging timber, veneer, wood-based panels and engineered products. By creating a reliable network of forest owners, harvesting companies, mills, and specialised producers, we build up a world of endless solutions in areas of forestry, woodworking and trade.


VALASAHA GROUP consists of four entities: Valasaha GmbH, Valasaha A.S., Tarwinn – Valasaha Serbia, Waltors – Valasaha South Africa.


Group sales and trading is managed from our head office – located in Vienna, Austria.


Our Log and Lumber Division’s sourcing and procurement office, located in Zvolen, Slovakia, is responsible for sourcing in Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary.


Serbian subsidiary of Valasaha Group, a local sawmill and subsidiary, is responsible for all the Balkan peninsula sourcing and trading.


Subsidiary of Valasaha Group and is a fully functional division involved in all aspects of exporting and importing globally.

All our subsidiaries and divisions falling within the Valasaha Group, are led, and managed by local professionals in the wood sector, with many years of combined experience and expertise in the wood business, giving full attention and focus to our business partners globally.

Each subsidiary of the Valasaha Group manages it’s own operations locally and works closely with the Valasaha sales Head Office in Vienna to continuously grow and develop new networks and partnerships around the world.